Monday, April 29, 2013

Jason Collins - First Major "Out" Athlete

On the subject of the LGBT community and sports, today was a very exciting day. Jason Collins, an NBA player, officially came out in a column published in Sports Illustrated (link below). While not a marquee name to those who don't closely follow professional basketball, Collins coming out is a major development nonetheless. He is the first significant athlete of a major sport (football, basketball, baseball) to come out. From what I have read, reactions have been almost wholly positive. One ESPN analyst (Chris Broussard, link below) criticized Collins, but on the whole the announcement has been supported by the sports punditry. We'll see if this is the first in a series of athletes to come out - if so, the visibility for the LGBT community could be highly positive.,0,1157118.story


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  2. Cav, great post, thanks for sharing this story. I have been following it relatively closely and also was quite interested in Chris Broussard's comments. Clearly his comments are entirely based upon his religious beliefs, which are cause for another debate entirely, but what I am most interested in is what ESPN's response will be, as much debate has sprung up online regarding the network's stance in all of this. Do people think that the network is obligated to take, or not take action? As the argument has been made that taking action could potentially shift the focus away from the importance of Collins' brave coming out and towards a repetitive national debate.