Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Butch Please: Butch With a Side of Misogyny"

Hey y'all, just stumbled across this piece on the underlying misogyny within the butch community and I thought it related well to our class. The author discusses her personal experiences as a butch, and the gender roles associated with butches and femmes. It reminded me a lot of the readings that we did on lesbian bar culture, which surprised me personally because I wasn't aware that the butch/femme relationship was still prevalent today. The author explains that she's noticed many butches acting in a misogynistic manner towards femmes, leading to an objectification of the femmes. She comes to the conclusion that "queers can perpetuate rape culture just as much as the next frat boy, and among too many butches, there seems to be an acceptance of this very kind of behavior."

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