Thursday, April 11, 2013

World's Worst Place To Be Gay

The documentary The World's Worst Place To Be Gay is really worth watching. It could be seen as minimizing what GLBTQ people go through in the US, but that is not why I am posting it. I found the film alarming because he goes to Uganda and meets people with many of the same anti-gay views and beliefs as we have read about here. He reacts to them like they are so outrageous and uninformed, it is scary that we know there are people talking about and believing in these same things right here in america. He explains how there are still places where homosexuals are still hated and discriminated against, its interesting to hear someone talk like this because it would seem they think the issue is "solved" in other places. While we may have less extreme consequences to homosexuality than we used to or than other places in the world, we all have to remember that the battle is not over here. most of the documentary is on you tube, here is a link...

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