Monday, April 1, 2013

Criticisms of HRC Red Equals Signs

I changed my profile picture to the HRC red equals sign in support of marriage equality last week. And I still believe that it was a good thing to do to show solidarity for an important issue.

But the criticism of the LGBT movement (and HRC specifically) focusing so heavily on marriage equality at the expense of other important LGBT issues is fair.

Here is a really well-written article that talks about how HRC has been a more moderate organization that has advocated for more incremental improvements for white, well-off, gender-conforming gays and lesbians rather than wide-reaching progress for a larger LGBT umbrella of people such as transgender people, queer people of color, etc.

I think this lines up well with our discussions about the homophile movement versus the more militant gay liberation organizations.

Is HRC the new Mattachine Society?

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