Thursday, March 28, 2013

"6 Things That Happened While Y'All Were Pre-occupied with Gay Marriage"

"Over the last couple of days, many people around the country have been caught-up in the whole same-sex marriage drama that's currently taking place in the Supreme Court. As someone who doesn't feel connected to so-called 'marriage equality' and, frankly, can't fathom so much time and energy and money being poured into getting one more privilege for a group of mostly already very privileged people, at the expense of countless other really important and much more urgent issues facing the queer community and our society as a whole (bullying and suicides of queer and queer-perceived youth, violence against transgender people, invisibilization of disabled queers and queers of color and disabled queers of color, mass incarceration, etc.), I'm just going to save myself a headache and skip the part where I argue for a more inclusive and intersectional movement and instead let y'all know what you may have missed while you were busy being obsessed with single-issue gay politics."

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