Monday, March 4, 2013

More great movies!

This weekend I searched for the Transgeneration series and couldn't find it online for free so I checked to see if there was an MTV true life about it, and there was. It is called True Life: I am changing my sex. It was really great. The episode follows a male transitioning to female as well as a female to male. It shows doctors appointments, family relations, day to day life as well as interviews about their decision and plans for the future. Here is the link if you want to watch it!

Also, I was scanning Netflix and I found a huge number of interesting gay and lesbian documentaries that are streaming. I decided to watch For the Bible Tells Me So (2007) which was incredible. Very very interesting. The documentary looks at the intersection of religion and homosexuality. It follows a few families who are quite religious and have a GLBTQ son or daughter. They tell their stories from childhood to figuring out they were GLBTQ, telling their parents, up to where they are now from both the child's perspective and the parents. I found it really emotional and relevant, being that religion plays a huge role in many American's lives and has such a strong influence on the legal debates surrounding gay rights. 

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