Monday, March 4, 2013

A Fascinating Story & a Webinar for Allies

This post contains two unrelated but both very timely pieces that correlate with the discussions we've been having in class.

First is a blog post by Justin Huang (Pomona 2009) detailing his run-in with "a homophobic cop" in Los Angeles.  I was infuriated to read the account but very proud of this fellow Sagehen's reaction.  Indeed, homophobia--or at the very least, profiling of homosexuals--is alive and well in the LAPD.  If you don't have time to read the whole account, this is the most jarring excerpt:
The officer is grinning now, clearly pleased with himself. "Based on my expertise, I say you're intoxicated. I'm going to perform a breathalyzer test on you, and if you resist me, I'm going to spray you in the face."
Then, he adds, "I'm sure you're used to that." He smiles at me, as if expecting me to laugh.
If we think that institutionalized homophobia like that described by Dale Jennings in today's readings is a thing of the past, then we are sadly mistaken.

Second, and on a more upbeat note: Friendfactor, an equality-focused social media network that I have done some work for, is hosting webinars this week to train allies how to best support the LGBT(etc) community.  If you're interested, more information and a signup can be found here.

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