Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BGD: Obama Loves Queers! (Except Not)

So, reading that Gay Manifesto before break reminded me a lot of this article I read last year on Black Girl Dangerous because it speaks to the shift in gay activism.  It seems like 1960s-1970s discourse was "We ARE different from you, we will NEVER be like you, you got that right--we are WEIRD" as a reaction to constant oppression and a response to the "Just act like everyone else" 1950s Homophile approach.
  This article speaks to the sympathies of "You know what?  People DO weird things in bed and have weird lifestyles, and you need to get over it and let everyone live their lives with as many rights and as much respect as everyone else" sentiment in Gay Manifesto, just like that part in it that talks about "dirty sex" and bestiality.

  (Can this count as my second first-half-of-the-semester blog post since spring break isn't over yet?)


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