Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boy Scouts Consider Lifting Ban on Gays

As you may have heard, the Boy Scouts of America recently announced that it was considering ending its nationwide ban on gay Scouts and Scout leaders and letting local chapters set their own policy.  This news inspired commentary and criticism from various sides: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, for instance, asserted that the Scouts should continue to exclude gay members, while Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, argued that the new policy was "not good enough" because it would allow troops to set their own discriminatory bans against gay members.  Today, in response to these debates, the Boy Scouts announced that it would postpone a decision.

What have you heard about this proposed change?  Please comment on these events and post links that you find as this story continues.


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  2. From the New York Times

    "The Boy Scouts of America, which confirmed last summer its policy barring openly gay people from participation, then said last week that it was reconsidering the ban, announced Wednesday that it would postpone a decision once more, until May, as talk of gay men and lesbians in the ranks has roiled a storied organization that carries deep emotional connection and nostalgia for millions of Americans."