Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Queer Fear" in the CMC Forum

I thought this article, "Queer Fear at CMC: On an Incident in Stark Hall" that just published on the CMC Forum might tie nicely with some of our ethnographies of Claremont Colleges.  The article labeled CMC as "particularly deficient in LGBT support." Do other CMC students or other 5C students think of CMC as the least LGBT friendly of the Claremont Colleges? Do you think perception or stereotypes match reality?

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  1. I just came across the same article on my Google News page and was going to post it here; even though you beat me to it, Russell, I'm glad it's come up for discussion.

    Last week, in fact, as I was leaving the PP-CMS basketball game in Rains, I heard a CMS fan (could have been a Mudder, but let's be real...) say something disparaging about PP's loss using the term, "faggots."

    I know it's a double standard because I sometimes use the term jokingly, but it was pretty shocking, and I had something of a visceral reaction. Knowing it was best to let an inebriated comment slide, I considered reporting it as a "bias related incident," which would have in turn resulted in a campus-wide email blast. Alas, I did not, but find that it reinforced (at least for me) the notion of CMC as the least accepting environment for "queer"-identified individuals at the Colleges.