Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Marriage Fight Is Setting Us Back

The Marriage Fight is Setting Us Back

This article by John D'Emilio was published by the Gay and Lesbian Review in winter 2006. It ties in nicely with our last discussion and one question in particular that was raised at the very end of the session: What would D'Emilio's presumable attitude towards same-sex marriage be? How would he evaluate its significance and the struggle for it?

D'Emilio contends that over the course of the past decades the legal fight for same-sex marriage has unfolded a highly destructive potential with regard to the creation of "a vast body of new anti-gay law." He not only criticizes the defenders' tactical weaknesses, but also argues that "the campaign for marriage equality runs against history." According to his elaborations, the call for same-sex marriage is counterproductive to cultural change and needs rethinking and reorientation.

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